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Dr Mel Ganus, EdD, MBA, ADD

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Here’s Who I Work With & Why

I discovered my ADHD in 2006 when I was working on my doctorate. The diagnosis helped explain so many of my challenges and behavior patterns. But it also reinforced my sense of being inadequate. Now, 10 years later, I love my brain and my life! Whether you have ADHD tendencies or see yourself as an unusually “divergent” thinker, I have a fantastic set of methods and tools for your consideration.

I work with students, parents and educators who want to better understand and love using your divergent minds. Together we explore your options and how to navigate your path forward in school and life. What challenges could you use some help with? Where are you getting stuck?

Here’s what my clients said about me

Dr Mel doesn’t just think outside of the box, she lives there. Her dedication to creative problem solving and supporting the work we’ve been doing seems to know no bounds. Her expertise and insights have been very valuable.

~ Dr Phil Zimbardo, Founder, Heroic Imagination Project

Dr Mel, you renew my sense of purpose and motivation every time we connect. I love my ADHD brain more than ever!

~ Jonathon L, passionate artist in the making

Dr Mel made it possible for me to keep going, even when I was ready to give up. I don’t know how I could have completed my doctoral dissertation without her advice and academic support services. She's a joy to work with!

~ Dr Erika Campbell, EdD, MA, LMHC

I’ve been inspired by our conversations! Just had a call with our board of directors and I feel like I am a lot more useful to the team. I am very grateful for your guidance and expertise.

~ Dr Andrea Letamendi, Pop Culture Hero Coalition & Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services

Mel Ganus is a brilliant and dedicated teacher. She is passionate about helping her clients solve real-world problems, and is phenomenally creative in her lesson planning and advising. She is deeply committed helping all her clients succeed. I strongly recommend her.

~ Dr Stephen Carroll, Associate Professor & Director
Core Writing, Santa Clara Univrsity

Here’s How I Work

You can ask me anything and I will give you the best advice and resources I have. You can text me anytime you have a question and I will get back to you asap. Depending on the type and level of support you want, we put a customized package together.

“Finding a good coach can change your life.”

Text me anytime for more info and

to get scheduled for a first Coaching Session


Here’s What We Do

  • Start with your immediate needs – what are your biggest current challenges?
  • Design personalized divergent thinking ways to more quickly move toward your goals.
  • Discover your strengths, how your brain works and how you can get more from it.
  • Learn how to learn and adapt to change faster.
  • Build the systems, tools and habits you most want.
  • Measurably Improve Your Quality of Life!

More about Dr Mel

Dr Mel Ganus has been teaching and mentoring divergent thinkers in schools and nonprofits for over 20 years. She focuses on helping people connect with ideas, tools and resources that make progress in life easier and more fulfilling. Her dissertation was a construct validity study of an emotional intelligence intervention. Her areas of expertise include learning design and assessment, applied positive psychology, emotional intelligence, mind hacks, crowdsourced resourcing, and social change campaigns.

Mel has traveled the world and worked on incredible projects. She is founder and creative director of Quality of Life Experiments (qol-x.org).

She now loves her brain, her life and what she gets to do each day, especially when she can help others. She supports the dreams of her clients with a breadth of experience and insight.

A recent transplant from Seattle to San Diego, she does much of her writing and learning design in a jacuzzi with waterproof paper, including “You & Your Squid Brain: Can You Think Before You Ink?” now available on Amazon. She invites clients to come join the fun poolside for group meetups!

Even more about Mel: LinkedIn.com/in/drmelganus
Blogging at: Facebook.com/dr.mel.ganus